Dyno / ECU Flashing

Dyno / ECU Flashing


Dyno / ECU Reprograming (flashing)

Here at MSS Performance we have a Dyno room housing a Dynojet 250i dyno running the very latest Dynojet Rt hardware and the Power Core software suite which uses Winpep 8 and C3 tuning programs. This is where our engineers start to extract the power from your bike.

We are Fully trained and approved by Dynojet UK and Woolich Racing.

Incorporated into this is the Woolwich Racing ECU and reprogramming service.

We are the Official Team Green Technical partners for Kawasaki Motors UK and have a wealth of knowledge in the Kawasaki Brand.

Woolich Racing is an ECU Reprograming software that enables ultimate control over the standard ECU allowing you to adjust a large number of key parts within the unit.

Dynojet use a great new system for tuning the Power Commander V and also the Power Commander 3. We use a program called C3 which you can use in a number of ways, you can manually enter the fuel numbers or use its Auto tune feature which is perfect for all areas.

We can now Fuel map 2 cylinders at a time making the process faster which in turn keeps the costs down for the customer.